Bring your colossal creativity to giant jupiter! 

Looking for ways to bring creativity and science together? Look no further than our new coloring pages inspired by JunoCam images. Unleash your creativity and download one of our three coloring pages today! 

Inspired by JunoCam images, each poster features different viewpoints of Jupiter the way the Juno spacecraft sees it.

Post photos of your colored pages on social media and be sure to tag us with @NASAJuno and use the hashtag #ColorWithNASA so we see your creations on Instagram and Facebook!

Color Jupiter: A Swirling Storm 
Download Coloring PDF here: Color Jupiter_A Swirling Storm.pdf

Color Jupiter: Belts of Clouds 
Download Coloring PDF here: Color Jupiter_Belts of Clouds.pdf 

Color Jupiter: Spiraling South Pole 
Download Coloring PDF here: Color Jupiter_Spiraling South Pole.pdf 

Members of the media, please contact:

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Juno Media Relations Representative
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

(818) 393-9011
Grey Hautaluoma
NASA Senior Public Affairs Officer
NASA Headquarters

(202) 358-0668

Where is Juno now?

Visualize Juno’s journey through space and get up-to-date data sets using NASA's Eyes on the Solar System 3D interactive.