JunoCam Observations of Ganymede on PJ34

JunoCam acquired four color images of Ganymede at 1-4 km/pixel during PJ34 encounter, at higher spatial resolution than previously imaged (Voyager 1 -1979).

Mosaic of first two JunoCam PJ34 images.Tros is the bright crater below and left of center

Juno’s stereo coverage provided topography, mapping a large topographic dome at Ganymede’s sub-jovian point.

Higher quality JunoCam coverage better characterizes geologic features (eg, Tros Crater) to improve the geologic map of Ganymede.

JunoCam image (left) and JunoCam-derived topography of the same area (right). Tros is at the left. The oval dome on the right is 3 km high and centered on the sub-jovian point.

The largest relief on Ganymede is a 3 km high topographic dome at the sub-jovian point, 450 by 750 km.

No correlation w/ surface structure.

Download JunoCam Observations of Ganymede on PJ34 here