We’re calling all amateur astronomers to upload their telescopic images and data of Jupiter. These uploads are critical for providing context for new JunoCam images and will help NASA successfully plan the future of the mission.

If you're a veteran astrophotographer or if you're just getting started with your first telescope, we highly recommend you read our Submission Guidelines before submitting data. In the PDF you'll find information about the best capture and process workflows as well as links to free software and tutorials.

Follow this link for professional Earth-based support observations schedules or CONTACT us for more information.
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Let’s talk about Jupiter!  Share your thoughts with us here or ask questions about storms in Jupiter's atmosphere.
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Juno’s orbit geometry is evolving so we will carry out campaigns rather than voting on specific targets. Campaigns are focused on a specific science theme and take advantage of the changes in lighting. 


Once JunoCam has taken the images you have voted on, we'll post them for you in Processing. From here you can download the raw images, process them with your choice of software and reupload them to the site for other users to view.


The data is in! But now we have to understand what it is telling us. Follow along as we analyze the images. Participate if you’d like or just watch us grapple with new perspectives on the dynamics of Jupiter’s atmosphere.
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