2020-09-11 09:11 UT
R channel data. Imaged Jupiter September 11th in fair to good seeing. There are many very fine spots resolved within the NPR, a prominent red oval is resolved on the Southern edge of the NPR initially toward the F limb but passing the CM by the end of the session. Outbreak #3 initially is toward the F limb, a quite interesting v-thin bright band preceding #3 is stretched diagonally across NTrZ, I suspect the two dark elongated features that the thin bright band rub into toward the P limb may be the extremities of the turbulent #1 tail. There is a prominent v-compact bright spot embedded in the NEB just past the CM toward the P limb. Two dark features are seen on the Southern edge of NEB associated with festoons in the EZ. Clyde's spot is near the CM with DS6 toward the F limb both in the STeZ. A very prominent bright oval is resolved near the CM in the SSTB. Outbreak #2 is seen rotating in from the F limb by the end of the session as is Oval BA and the GRS.
Observed by
Isaac Newton-08
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