Jupiter’s Eye

2021-05-25 09:13 UT
Submitted By : A'Hearn-79

I’ve created this image digitally on my iPad Pro using Adobe Fresco. If I want to create a hand painted onto canvas version then I have to take the digital creation a few steps stage further: I create a map layer by drawing the outline of each and every circle, putting the resulting layer through a tiling app and resizing the layer to fit my chosen canvas before printing the layer out on A4 sheets. The printed sheets are sellotaped together and fitted over my canvas with sheets of carbon in between so that when I draw around the circles once again the circles are transferred onto the canvas. I then paint...if the image is complicated then I will also have to produce colour map layers, with each colour group separated onto a different layer...this step helps getting around the problem of what is essentially painting by numbers - but without the numbers.