PJ37 image 16: Europa (approx. true color)

2021-10-22 00:39 UT
Credit : NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI / MSSS / Björn Jónsson © cc nc sa
Submitted By : Bjorn_Jonsson
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 37
Source Image(s) : JNCE_2021289_37C00016_V01

An approximately true color/contrast image of Europa processed from the PJ37_16 raw image framelets (left). The image is enlarged by a factor of 3 relative to the original data. The color should not be far from Europa's true color. However, the color is a bit preliminary and was somewhat difficult to estimate accurately. The main reason is that the visible light spectra I have been using to compute Europa's average global color (this color is used as a guide when correcting the color of the JunoCam image) are from Earth-based instruments. Europa's polar regions never face the Earth due to Jupiter's (and Europa's) small axial tilt. In contrast, this JunoCam image shows Europa's north polar region which does not have exactly the same color as the equatorial regions. Also there are some longitudinal color variations that I have not yet taken into account when estimating the color from Europa's visible light spectrum.

The big image at right is computer generated from a Voyager/Galileo map of Europa and shows the viewing geometry.