Global maps at PJ41: JunoCam and ground-based

2022-04-30 13:20 UT
Credit : NASA / JPL / SwRI / MSSS / Gerald Eichstädt / Rob Bullen / Shinji Mizumoto / John Rogers © cc by
Submitted By : Philosophia-47
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 41

As usual, the PJ41 images have been composited into a global map which is included in the report that we have posted on the Think Tank PJ41 page. This was important as it was the first good view of the planet since solar conjunction. Here (also from that report) is a comparison of the PJ41 map with ground-based maps before and after, on which persistent and interesting features are marked. Many thanks to Gerald Eichstaedt for the Juno map projections and to Shinji Mizumoto for the recent ground-based map projections. --John Rogers.