2022-06-07 13:15 UT
Credit : NASA / SwRI / MSSS / Sergio Díaz © cc nc sa
Submitted By : Sergio_Diaz-Ruiz
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 21
Source Image(s) : JNCE_2019202_21C00018_V01

After some tinkering with Junocam raw data, this image of the "N4" jet stream captured during PJ21 finally came to life. The jet stream shows some red glowing areas near the center of the image that look like they were being illuminated from fires inside the atmosphere. The North North Temperate Belt extends from the top center to the left, and at the right side of the image, some gigantic but very differently textured whirlpools stand out. The lower right area includes part of the filamentary region, not far from the North pole.