Cloud tops at Jupiter North North Temperate Belt

2022-06-07 13:19 UT
Credit : NASA / SwRI / MSSS / Sergio Díaz © cc nc sa
Submitted By : Sergio_Diaz-Ruiz
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 16
Source Image(s) : JNCE_2018302_16C00013_V01

This particular image was inspired by the iconic one produced by Gerald Eichstädt and Seán Doran ( ). An impressive panorama of the North North Temperate Belt captured during Perijove 16 of the intricate cloud structures, where you can almost feel the volume of the atmospheric masses. What seems to be the top of the enormous structure at the right of the center is crowned by eye-catching clouds that look very much like ours here at the Earth. This framing is slightly wider than Eichstädt&Doran's version.