True-color image of Io from PJ43

2022-07-06 19:35 UT
Credit : NASA / SrRI / MSSS / Jason Perry © cc by
Submitted By : JasonPerry
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 43

On July 5, 2022, Juno performed a "Voyager-class" encounter with Io and acquired this image (left) of Io's northern hemisphere near closest approach. The image on the right is a Voyager/Galileo basemap reprojected to the same viewing geometry.

The most significant change visible even at this low resolution (original resolution was 58 kilometers or 36 miles per pixel) is around the active hotspot Chors Patera, a dark spot just south of center. The dark area appears larger than it did 20 years, when the region was last observed by Galileo. This dark region is surrounded by a bi-lobate bright area which appears more prominently than it did in Galileo data.

Both images have been reprojected to a point perspective map projection with a center latitude and longitude of 84 degrees North, 231 degrees West, an altitude of 87,511 kilometers (54,377 miles), and a resolution of 5.9 kilometers (3.7 miles) per pixel. This matches the viewing geometry of the original JunoCAM image, but enlarged by 10x.