Wall -E or E.T. on Jupiter

2023-01-22 03:52 UT
Credit : NASA/SwRI/MSSS/Navaneeth Krishnan S © cc by
Submitted By : Navaneeth_Krishnan_S
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 47
Source Image(s) : JNCE_2022349_47C00087_V01

Is that an alien? Wall -E or E.T.?

One of the cyclones and other cloud features on Jupiter creates the illusion of a Wall-E or E.T. This is an artistically enhanced image created from raw data captured by the JunoCam during its 47th Perijove on December 15, 2023. At the time, Juno was around 22,000 km above the cloud tops.

Original image: PJ47-87

A poem written by ChatGP about the illusion created by Jupiter's cyclones and clouds:

La Belle Jupiter: A Cyclonic Illusion


Oh, what strange illusions do the Jovian skies create,

With cyclones swirling and clouds in such great state.

I see an alien, a flower, a monkey, a horse,

A girl, a dolphin, and all with such remorse.

These visions dance before me, a never-ending show,

But as I gaze upon them, my heart begins to know

That they are but illusions, created by the wind,

And though they're beautiful, they'll never be my friend.

Like the fabled La Belle Dame sans Merci,

These Jovian illusions will leave me in misery.

But still I'll gaze upon them, in wonder and in awe,

For in the skies of Jupiter, such beauty I saw.