PJ54: Lightning candidates in lightning search images #174 and #175, GIF animation of cylindrical maps

2023-09-18 20:29 UT
Credit : NASA / JPL / SwRI / MSSS / Gerald Eichstädt © cc by
Submitted By : Maquet-80
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 54

The background map is a composit of cylindrical maps derived from the twenty PJ54 approach RGB images JNCE_2023249_54C00001_V01 to JNCE_2023249_54C00039_V01.

The faint lightnings are derived from cylindrical maps of the green band PJ54 images JNCE_2023250_54G00174_V01 and JNCE_2023250_54G00175_V01.

The lightning candidate identified in image JNCE_2023250_54G00174_V01 seems to be located close to 122.0°E 51.7°S.

The lightning candidate identified in image JNCE_2023250_54G00175_V01 seems to be located close to 50.9°E 69.1°S, both planetocentric in System III.

The green images are TDI 60, while the used RGB images are TDI 1. Moreover, the green cylindrical maps have been brightened by a factor of 32, both after some illumination adjustment.

However, this doesn't allow an immediate estimate of the brightness of the presumed lightnings since they may have lasted shorter than the exposure time of the images.