2016-06-12 00:10 UT
Mission Phase : MOVIES

This image was the last acquired by JunoCam before all the instruments were powered off in preparation for the Jupiter Orbit Insertion burn. At the start of the movie, Jupiter was 13 pixels across in the JunoCam field of view, and 40 pixels across by the end. The famous Great Red Spot, a storm that has been swirling for centuries, is clearly visible in this last image, acquired at a distance of 5.3 million km on June 29.

Due to the way each image had to be acquired, each still in this movie is a long strip composed of 82 frames, with each frame measuring 128 pixels tall. The Juno spacecraft spins at 2 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) – each JunoCam image spans one entire rotation. The stills were acquired in the red, green, and blue spectral bands for each frame. The end result is an image that contains each of these frames vertically stacked on top of one another. This is standard for every JunoCam image.

Because it is quite large, the entire image package has been subdivided into 5 ZIPs, each around 500 MB.