Simulated Views of Jupiter's Moons With JunoCam

2016-10-23 15:25 UT
Credit : NASA / SwRI / MSSS / Alex Longo
Submitted By : Pal'chikov-74
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 1

This collage was created to demonstrate the capabilities of JunoCam with regards to imaging the large Galilean satellites of Jupiter. Images acquired during close flybys of the Galileo orbiter past the moons are compared with simulated images by JunoCam from a distance. The Ganymede flyby on August 26th was used to calibrate the pixel sizes of the moons. Simulated volcanic plumes on Io and the two types of geysers seen on Europa are included in the images of these moons. It is readily apparent that JunoCam should be able to confirm the geysers of Europa, paving the way for future astrobiology missions! Images of Io will be useful for monitoring volcanic activity which has occurred since the New Horizons flyby in 2006. We should image these moons as much as possible to monitor changes on their surfaces, and with the approval of NASA, fly close to them to take high-resolution photos in an extended mission before the disposal of the spacecraft.