The last 40 RGB Marble Movie images before PJ2 heaviliy motion-enhanced

2016-10-24 15:23 UT
Credit : NASA / JPL / SwRI / MSSS / Gerald Eichstädt
Submitted By : Maquet-80
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 2

These images don't look like Jupiter images you may be used to. The purpose of these images is enhancement of features different from Jupiter's banding. Therefore most of the banding is subtracted away in these images. The remaining longitudinal variability has then been enhanced. This way, the GRS shows up very distinctly, but also moons, moon shadows, and subtle surface features, which would be hard to perceive in less processed images. This kind of processing is motivated by the attempt to track features related to the recently observed outburst. Besides real features, camera artifacts and noise are enhanced, too. So, look at the neighboring images to see, whether a presumed feature is likely to be real.