[artwork] "connected... "

2017-08-13 20:52 UT
Credit : Wintje © cc nc sa
Submitted By : RRR
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 4

Album art/header graphics for 'w i n t e r bynes' =) Image source is from PJ4.

Example in use, the bottom section isn't shown anywhere as that is a depiction of a sacred druid burial site in southern Wales, UK, and is family heritage.

The lady pictured upon the stone (The Arthur Stone) is the wife of Wintje, a Dutch lady from the Netherlands who rescued Wintje (born 29/09/1979) from a terrible childhood when he was 17 years old, running away to the Netherlands to essentially live in exile. It's been 20 years.

Wintje is shortened Dutch and diminutive of Winter- which is short for Winter Bynes- which is pronounced Win-Ter-Bine...

Wind Turbines, an inventor & composer. Nice to meet you. Please don't put them by peoples homes. Thank you =)

Snd: soundcloud.com/winterbynes

Img: instagram.com/winterbynes

Txt: twitter.com/winterbynes