Marble Movie Raw Images

2016-07-10 05:15 UT
Mission Phase : MOVIES

Every year there is a period of time that Jupiter is too close to the sun for earth-based astronomers to observe.  This year that time co-incides with Juno’s initial large orbits of Jupiter.  Ordinarily we would not take images with JunoCam during this time however in the absence of our amateur ground-based support we are collecting RGB images 4 times per hour.  We call this the “marble movie” because Jupiter is so small in the image.  We have enough resolution to see if something major happens, like the disappearance of the Great Red Spot, or the fading of the South Equatorial Belt.  We are also imaging Jupiter through our methane filter.

You can download a zip file here with the raw images – each zip file will contain ~1 week of data.