Approach 60fps motion-interpolated u-sharp mask

2018-08-08 15:17 UT
Submitted By : Kellog
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 3

PJ3 approach frames processed with bidirectional motion compensated interpolation (variable-size adaptive overlapped block/zonal search algo). Then unsharp-masking was performed (RGB) to pop the finer details on the surface. Frame division dilated slightly as planet became larger within the frame (non-linearly) and m-interpolated further. Second half of video is mirror of first. Other than the ghosting of the planet diameter (which could have been smoother, but would need to sacrifice surface details so I opted to keep), most of the m-interpolation served to enhance in a non-destructive way. Will be experimenting with other methods of detail extraction.

(black bars added to make video exactly 1920x1080 so that youtube wouldn't auto scale down to 720)