July 4th 2016

2018-09-16 20:20 UT
Credit : Wintje
Submitted By : RRR

My second painting ever a week after acquisition of an Apple Pencil. First prize winner of the social media creative challenge hosted by United Launch Alliance (builder of Atlas V on which Juno was launched). Final version (includes light-painted trails from De Efteling Droomvlught caught on iPhone).

>NASA Juno arrival 4th/5th July 2016 social media creative competition.

>Anon was at an airport flicking through twitter.

>Just got the ipad a week ago.

>Second painting on it with the special pencil.

>runners up didnt get the surprise

>actual rare mission coin came in the post unannounced.

>with compliments


>anon sent unique canvas print to NASA as thankyou

>President & CEO of rocket launch company tweets photo of canvas in a display cabinet

>dust free cabinet

>Dutchanon from England

>Juno Mission to Jupiter

>You might have since seen some of her pics on the news.

>There is a mistake on the printed painting that isnt on the original!