PJ18: Great Red Spot area mosaic (true color)

2019-02-28 22:43 UT
Credit : NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI / MSSS / Björn Jónsson © cc nc sa
Submitted By : Bjorn_Jonsson
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 18

An approximately true color/contrast map projected mosaic from three JunoCam images. The mosaic shows the Great Red Spot (GRS) and surrounding areas. During processing, special care was taken not to 'saturate' interesting small scale details in the very bright convective features west of the GRS. The features near the left and right edges of the mosaic are close to the limb in the original images and therefore appear more blurry than other parts of the mosaic.

The mosaic covers an area from longitude 227° to 294° (system 3) and planetographic latitude -34.7° to -7.2°.