First PJ19 image: Southern ovals and vortices

2019-04-09 17:57 UT
Credit : Credit: NASA / SwRI / MSSS / John Rogers © cc by
Submitted By : Philosophia-47
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 19

Because of the spacecraft’s special manoeuvres during this perijove, this is the first of the PJ19 images, over the southern temperate latitudes. It shows some important features: Oval BA (still almost colourless); S4-LRS-1; and the disturbed region of the S. Temperate domain preceding oval BA. In amateur images we have noticed a small grey streak there, and this image reveals it to consist of three vortices, at least two of which are cyclonic. I've been expecting a new STB structured segment to form here, so perhaps they will merge in the coming months to create it? --John Rogers.