North Polar Region & Bland Zone: Colour and methane images

2019-11-18 19:35 UT
Credit : NASA / SwRI / MSSS / Gerald Eichstädt / John Rogers © cc by
Submitted By : Philosophia-47
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 23

These are further-processed versions of images provided by Gerald Eichstädt: the colour images were intesnity-adjusted, and the methane image (showing high-level hazes) was cleaned up as described below the image. This is one of JunoCam's most informative methane images of these latitudes. The images cover the North Polar Region, the Bland Zone (with a fine display of the linear haze bands that are typical of this zone), and the N5 domain (with more irregular haze bands). The large anticyclonic white oval in the N5 domain is one has tracked throughout 2019 in ground-based images, as analysed by the JUPOS team.

This images set will also be included in a report to be submitted as usual to the Think Tank page and the BAA Jupiter Section pages in due course. -- John Rogers.