PJ-4 Annotations_6

2017-02-24 18:06 UT
Credit : Credit: NASA / SwRI / MSSS / John Rogers © cc by
Submitted By : Philosophia-47
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 4

This shows the 3 images covering the southern hemisphere, plus context images. The positions of the known circulations and jets are indicated. Part of the new mid-SEB outbreak was beautifully captured in image 105 and (near the horizon) in image 106. Not surprisingly, it looks somewhat similar to the regions of white rifts in the NEB (Figure 5) and in the SEB west of the GRS (at PJ-3). The STB is completely absent in this sector, and there is no sign of recirculation, but pale orange patches in the STBn latitude (with no evident vorticity) represent very subdued disturbance on the STBn jet. As expected, image 106 did not cover oval BA, but it did capture a fine view of one of the S.S. Temperate anticyclonic white ovals (SS-AWOs or ‘string of pearls’); this is number A1, with turbulent tendrils being twisted around it.

--John Rogers