The Jovian Generation

2017-03-24 10:28 UT
Credit : Winter Bynes © cc nc sa
Submitted By : RRR

I've seen & experienced things nobody should ever have to. When I'm agitated by my memories I have to divert the negativity into laser cannons. The motivation behind this? Across time and space… gravity, love & the universal need to break the binary. I am non-binary. The third kind. @WinterBynes, Twitter & Instagram is my sphere of consciousness- the consciousphere, The predecessor to the next great leap for mankind. Jupiter has inspired so many generations, this one right now seems to need a bit of a kick to get it up and running again. I am very glad that Juno exists. If we are to survive in deep space we need to know exactly how dangerous it is. We shall prevail. Thanks for enduring my blobs of art.