PJ28 Equatorial area mosaic (enhanced)

2020-08-22 21:30 UT
Credit : NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI / MSSS / Björn Jónsson © cc nc sa
Submitted By : Bjorn_Jonsson
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 28

An enhanced map-projected mosaic of five JunoCam images. The resolution of the original images varies from about 125 pixels/degree to about 310 pixels/degree. Here everything has been resampled to 220 pixels/degree.

The contrast has been increased and color differences exaggerated everywhere in the mosaic. In some areas (in particular the Equatorial Zone), additional processing has also been applied to increase the visibility of mesoscale waves. This reveals a long and narrow band of waves just north of the equator. In addition, a much larger area of subtle, lower contrast waves is visible south of the band. Some waves are also visible farther north near the southern edge of the North Equatorial Belt.