Mesoscale waves

By Glenn on 2018-02-07 UT

Observations of waves in Jupiter's atmosphere have been made by several spacecraft, starting with Voyager, and this has continued with recent observations by the Hubble Space Telescope in the visible and Very Large Telescope observations at 5 microns.   The JunoCam instrument has identified waves structures on a finer scale (smaller than 170 km) that have ever been observed previously.    One of these is apparent in the PJ7 observations of the northern edge of the Great Red Spot.  But others are apparent elsewhere, primarily near the equator, on other perijoves.   This thread will mirror work by the team leading to a published paper summarizing these results with a planned submission in early summer of 2018.


  1. comment by Maquet-80 on 2018-03-03 07:47 UT

    I've added links to PJ-08, and PJ-09 maps in the site linked to in the previous comment.

    In PJ-09, image #088, there is a narrow, but distinct mesocsale wave train, a little south of the equator.

  2. comment by Maquet-80 on 2018-02-19 00:41 UT

    On the following site, I've provided cylindrical maps of PJ11 RGB images with a resolution of 180 pixels oer planetocentric degree, and from 15 degrees south to 15 degrees north.

    I'll add similar maps of other perijoves to the same site as time allows.

    I tried to animate enhanced crops of the PJ11 maps, but with the residual distortions, there is significant wobbling making it difficult to see actual motion of the waves.