Wonderful North Pole [ID: 1017]

Coordinates : 75.006° latitude , 194.256° longitude
Submitted by : McKellar-43 on 2016-11-20 10:35 UT

The north pole is very cool

map : 2016-11-08 UT
map : 2016-12-11 UT
map : 2017-01-04 UT
map : 2017-01-18 UT
map : 2017-02-09 UT
map : 2017-02-28 UT
map : 2017-03-08 UT
map : 2017-04-03 UT
map : 2017-04-26 UT
map : 2017-06-08 UT
map : 2017-06-20 UT
map : 2017-08-11 UT
map : 2018-01-31 UT
map : 2018-02-26 UT
map : 2018-03-15 UT


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  1. comment by Kazuyuki-56 on 2017-11-06 06:33 UT

    JunoCam would be at a high enough position to get a clear and broad picture of the North Pole. Finally taking pictures of the poles for the first time this is a chance to get as many details and cover as much area as possible.

  2. comment by Luu-06 on 2017-11-02 16:13 UT

    The North Pole would be a good location to photograph. The PR that NASA would get from releasing an epic picture of the North Pole of Jupiter would be very high!

  3. comment by Dickbeasley-56 on 2017-05-15 03:51 UT

    I think that this location would be a great spot for a picture. Spacecraft haven't been so close before so it would be a good opportunity to gets some cool pictures.

  4. comment by Capaccioni-57 on 2017-02-21 07:28 UT

    I think that this would be a great location to take photos of Jupiter.

  5. comment by Brandonshih-48 on 2017-02-21 05:25 UT

    What makes the north pole special on Jupiter compared to the Earth, I think it would be cool to see more images of this area.

  6. comment by Di Mascio-00 on 2017-02-20 21:05 UT

    I think that this would be a cool area to take a picture of so you can compare it to the south pole.