The Great Red Spot [ID: 1052]

Coordinates : -19.962° latitude , 182.052° longitude
Submitted by : Galileo on 2017-01-19 20:03 UT

I think that getting the chance to peer deep inside those vast, red swirling storms at closest opportunity will provide a deep insight into how something like that can exist and sustain for so long

map : 2017-01-18 UT
map : 2017-02-09 UT
map : 2017-02-28 UT
map : 2017-03-08 UT
map : 2017-04-03 UT
map : 2017-04-26 UT
map : 2017-06-08 UT
map : 2017-06-20 UT
map : 2017-08-11 UT
map : 2018-01-31 UT
map : 2018-02-26 UT
map : 2018-03-15 UT
map : 2018-03-28 UT
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map : 2018-05-04 UT
map : 2018-05-24 UT
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map : 2018-07-01 UT
map : 2018-07-25 UT
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  1. comment by Trudie-32 on 2018-06-29 10:32 UT

    The Great Red Spot of Jupiter is famously regarded as a storm that has been raging on the gaseous planet for over 350 years. Why the storm is swirling at the same spot for so long and why it has a distinctive brick red color are the obvious questions coming to mind. As a layman interested in heavenly bodies I have been speculating on the enigma but ever since I saw the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 serially smashing into Jupiter in 1994 my growing hunch is that the Great Red Spot might be the site where a massive planet even bigger than earth might have crashed in the past and the same is still dissolving slowly in the gaseous atmosphere of Jupiter. Getting embedded in the dense interior of the super-hot Jovian atmosphere could be the reason why the fallen planet has stayed put at the same spot. The swirling brick red color might be the result of slow baking of the dissipating matter in the super-hot to super-cool range of temperatures where the doomed erstwhile planet is entangled.

  2. comment by Trettenero-84 on 2018-06-15 09:18 UT

    I find this mysterious red spot to be an area that most people tend to see when they look at Jupiter and I feel like with just an orbital view, we will only continue with the mystery that is this spot. I think if we were to see it at an angle or from the view of almost the side, we could see more clearly what is going on here in this are, because it certainly tracks a lot of attention.

  3. comment by Leifandersson-85 on 2018-05-22 18:45 UT

    As a child I always loved the big red spot, I was amazed to see a continuous storm circling for what seemed to be eternity. I would love to see some in depth photos that shows the majesty of the Big Red Spot.