Earth Rise [ID: 1178]

Coordinates : -77.85° latitude , 134.46° longitude
Submitted by : O'Dorney-37 on 2017-04-10 17:54 UT

I'm hoping Juno can take a high res picture with the Earth in the background. The point I picked is just to get the idea across. Can anyone calculate where to actually aim the camera?

map : 2017-04-03 UT
map : 2017-04-26 UT
map : 2017-06-08 UT
map : 2017-06-20 UT
map : 2017-08-11 UT
map : 2018-01-31 UT
map : 2018-02-26 UT
map : 2018-03-15 UT
map : 2018-03-28 UT
map : 2018-04-11 UT
map : 2018-05-04 UT
map : 2018-05-24 UT
map : 2018-06-13 UT
map : 2018-07-01 UT
map : 2018-07-25 UT


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  1. comment by HEAF-05 on 2018-05-07 20:18 UT

    It would be cool to have another perspective of Earth. We have iconic photos from Voyager 1 as well as from the Apollo missions and many others. It would be nice to add another photo to that collection.

  2. comment by Nealgalt-41 on 2018-02-14 20:32 UT

    It would be incredible to photograph Earth from the perspective of another planet! We get to see other planets from Earth but its hard to image what Earth looks like to other planets.

  3. comment by Britbaker-44 on 2017-11-11 13:53 UT

    If I were to shoot the earth rise/set I would try to get earth at approx 50% visibility. Maybe greater if it possible to get some of jupiters rings or moons also visible.