Marduk [ID: 418]

Not Currently Visible
Submitted by : Harvard-72 on 2016-07-03 02:06 UT

This point is interesting to me because it is a vortex within the belts of the planet. I personally believe that their could be a lot of interesting science to come out of this vortex in the atmosphere. First, it appears to be a different chemical make up than the surrounding belt and appears to rotate (looked at through my 10 inch telescope) I wonder how cloud formations like these form between the belts of Jupiter. I named this point Murdak after what the Babylonians called Jupiter. I really hope that my object will get to be observed by Juno's camera. I also hope that more information about the processes in which these storms are made possible will be uncovered.

map : 2016-07-01 UT
map : 2016-07-21 UT
map : 2016-11-08 UT
map : 2016-12-11 UT
map : 2017-01-04 UT
map : 2017-01-18 UT
map : 2017-02-09 UT
map : 2017-02-28 UT
map : 2017-03-08 UT
map : 2017-04-03 UT
map : 2017-04-26 UT
map : 2017-06-08 UT
map : 2017-06-20 UT
map : 2017-08-11 UT
map : 2018-01-31 UT


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