Lightning [ID: 4]

Jovian lightning is hard to catch. You have to take lots of images and hope to get lucky enough to catch a flash.


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  1. comment by Gilyarovskij-89 on 2019-11-11 07:45 UT

    I think this is worth a shot

  2. comment by RyanCornell-56 on 2019-08-11 09:05 UT

    This is the Natural Photograph compared to the previous post. Ryan Cornell @RKCornell56 go to Ryan Cornell on Facebook.

  3. comment by RyanCornell-56 on 2019-08-11 09:03 UT

    This is from the Juno image where you examine the Polar Aurora of Jupiter... This has been processed to illuminate the darkness and reveal how the mixture of Light and darkness are actively stirred into to the atmosphere of Jupiter, here and give comparisons of the terminator spinning across the Planet...