2020-10-13 09:01 UT
Imaged Jupiter October 13th in good seeing but with considerable amounts of cloud moving through. The first 685nm IR and R channel data was quite reasonable the G channel data was slightly cloud effected while the B channel, sadly was significantly cloud effected with more than half of that data lost. That said the overall results were reasonable. I note a small red oval in the NNTeB just shy of the CM in the RGB. Quite fine & intricate structure is resolved within the NEB best seen in the first IR data set with three prominent dark features along the Southern edge of the NEB associated with festoons in the EZ. The GRS chimney remains open and detail within the SEB immediately trailing the GRS is well resolved. I note a very bright, compact elongated spot within the SEB trailing the GRS. All data well resolves a small bright oval in the STrB trailing the GRS. These data resolve a series of five bright ovals lined up in the SSTeB.
Observed by
Isaac Newton-08
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