PJ28 First Predictor Map

By Tom on 2020-07-16 UT
PJ28 Predictor Map
First Predictor Map for PJ28 showing JunoCam FOV
PJ28 Clean Predict Map
PJ28 Predict Map


Images used for this map were taken with great care by Clyde Foster, Chris Go, and Mike Wong.   Thanks guys!



  1. comment by Philosophia-47 on 2020-08-16 23:04 UT

    Here are the full-size figures for our PJ28 report.  --John.

  2. comment by Philosophia-47 on 2020-08-16 23:03 UT

    Here is a full report on the PJ28 images, in our usual style.  This is a PDF with  miniature figures; the full-size figures will be posted in a separate 'Comment' in a ZIP file. There are plenty of interesting features at this perijove: Enjoy!  --John Rogers.