PJ28 First Predictor Map

By Tom on 2020-07-16 UT

Amateur observations spanning July 8-11, rolled forward to PJ28 (July 25)

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Final PJ27 Predictor Map

By Tom on 2020-05-28 UT

Final amateur map (observations from late May) has been rolled forward to June 2 Perijove 27

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Mid - May Prediction Map for PJ 27

By Tom on 2020-05-15 UT

This is a mid-May Jupiter map rolled forward to June 2 (PJ 27).

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Early Prediction Map for Perijove 27

By Tom on 2020-04-30 UT

This is a preliminary predict map based on April 24 observations rolled forward to Perijove 27 (June 2, 2020)

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PJ 26 Predictor Map

By Tom on 2020-04-06 UT

a forward projection to PJ26

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By Tom on 2019-04-04 UT

Predictive Map

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