Maps of Jupiter’s south polar region

By Philosophia-47 on 2021-02-26 UT

This page contains sets of composite polar projection maps of Jupiter’s south polar region from JunoCam (PJ1-PJ26), in polar azimuthal equidistant projection with planetocentric latitude scales. One set is in colour (RGB), with the edges set at 60°S; the other set is in the 889-nm methane band (CH4), with the edges set at the equator.  At every perijove, Gerald Eichstädt produces polar projection maps of all the individual images and John Rogers assembles them into these composite maps.  Maps at early perijoves were not produced as systematically as at later ones.  The CH4 maps have lower resolution and accuracy than the RGB maps, and the first CH4 map herein is for PJ9.

The RGB maps are in the attached ZIP file, and the CH4 maps will be in a second ZIP file added in a Comment. 

The maps are provided under a CC-BY licence: "The CC BY licence allows anyone to: copy, distribute and transmit work. adapt work. make commercial use of the work under the condition that the user must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests they endorse the user or their use of the work)."  I.e. these maps are in the public domain but should always be credited as indicated (NASA / JPL / SwRI / MSSS / Gerald Eichstädt / John Rogers); and we ask that anyone wishing to use them for research or commercial purposes would contact us first.

--John Rogers. 


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  1. comment by Philosophia-47 AUTHOR on 2021-02-26 23:11 UT

    Here is the set of methane-band maps, PJ9-PJ24.