PJ32 report

By Philosophia-47 on 2021-03-17 UT

Here is a report on the JunoCam images at PJ32, in our usual format.  The attached PDF contains the text only; the figures will be added, in a PDF and in a ZIP file, in subsequent 'comments'.  As usual, this is also all being posted on our BAA Jupiter Section web pages. 

Highlights include:

-- interesting updates on the arrangements of the polar polygons;

--beautiful images of turbulence in the northern domains and of a segment of NNTB;

--revelation of very-fine-scale turbulence in the now-quiescent NTB and NEB;

--many wave patterns in the EZ and SEB(S);

--discovery of a new S.Tropical Band emanating from a ‘hook’ at the GRS;

--closeups of the expanded turbulent STB following oval BA;

--haze bands showing rapid reversals of contrast on the edge of the S. Polar Hood.

(John Rogers)