PJ45 Predict Map from citizen scientist observations

By Tom on 2022-09-21 UT
PJ45 Prediction Map
PJ45 Prediction map




  1. comment by Philosophia-47 on 2022-10-24 10:44 UT

    PJ45 report (Jupiter): Full-size figures.

  2. comment by Philosophia-47 on 2022-10-24 10:43 UT

    PJ45 report (Jupiter):  PDF of figures.

  3. comment by Philosophia-47 on 2022-10-24 10:41 UT

    Here's a report on the PJ45 Jupiter images, in our usual style.  (The report on the Europa images is in the 'Europa' thread in this Think Tank.)  Highlights include:

    A 6-hour sequence of inbound images, which mapped much of the northern hemisphere; 

    A methane-band map of the North Polar Hood, confirming large undulations recently mapped in ground-based images, and giving a rotation rate for them;

    A view of the only still-dark 'barge' in the NEB, and subtle cloud textures nearby;

    White ovals with 'anticyclonic' appearance in the cyclonic SEB.

    The report will be posted in three successive Comments: (1) Text, PDF; (2) Mini-figures,, PDF; (3) Full-size figures, ZIP. 

    --John Rogers.