PJ48 Predict Map

By Tom on 2023-01-18 UT
PJ48 Predict Map




  1. comment by Philosophia-47 on 2023-02-12 23:52 UT

    Here is Figure 2 (Gerald's RGB south polar map).

  2. comment by Philosophia-47 on 2023-02-12 23:51 UT

    Here is Figure 1 (Gerald's RGB cylindrical map).

  3. comment by Philosophia-47 on 2023-02-12 23:50 UT

    Although most of the PJ48 images were lost due to an apparent overheating issue, JunoCam returned to normal operation when the spacecraft was ascending over the southern temperate regions, so Gerald Eichstädt has produced global cylindrical maps and south polar projection maps as usual, covering the high southern latitudes in RGB and CH4. So I have prepared a brief report  (attached here); Figures 1 & 2 present the RGB maps (to be attached in subsequent Comments).  They confirm the continued existence of some ovals that are now hard to resolve in late-apparition ground-based images (e.g. S2-AWO-A2 and S4-LRS-1), and they continue JunoCam’s coverage of the south polar region.  --John Rogers.