PJ55 report

By Philosophia-47 on 2023-11-20 UT

Here is our report on the JunoCam images at PJ55.  The highlight was Juno's closest-yet flyby of Io, showing plenty of surface detail, and volcanic plumes from Prometheus and Zamama.  Because of the Io flyby, the global map of Jupiter was incomplete; but the best inbound images did cover an interesting sector of the NEB, including White Spot Z and a notable bright plume outbreak (described fully in a ground-based report on the BAA Jupiter Section web site).  The north polar map was particularly complete, showing all but one of the circumpolar cyclones. 

The report with small-scale figures is attached here as a PDF.  The full-size figures will be attached in a subsequent Comment.

--John Rogers.


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  1. comment by Philosophia-47 AUTHOR on 2023-11-29 10:04 UT

    Here are the fullsize figures for the PJ55 report.