Voting Round :

PJ3 Encounter

CLOSED : 2016-12-02 00:00:01
Perijove on : 2016-12-11 17:05 UT
About This Round
Juno will be oriented such that the High Gain Antenna points to earth for a gravity pass. That means that the JunoCam field of view will be slightly offset from nadir.

We are continuing to test various modes of the camera so we will only be able to include 1 - 3 targets selected by the public. This should be the completion of camera testing, so that on PeriJove 4 (PJ4) we will welcome public input for all the images we take crossing through perijove.

The number of images we take is limited by our onboard storage. Each picture requires a different amount of data volume so in general we will take a different number of images every PJ. We will rank the selection by the number of votes you cast.
Winner Selection
The results are in! We are still testing the camera settings so we limited our choices from the public vote to 3. At PeriJove 4 (PJ4) we will open up the entire set of possibilities. Our winners from this round are POI NCC 1701, String of Pearls, and Weird Dark Spot.
We are in a unique situation this time because we have limited planning data to go by. Jupiter has been very close to the sun, so our amateur astronomer inputs are not as longitudinally complete as usual, so the cylindrical map that we identify viewable POI's on is not as recent as we'd like. The winds in Jupiter's belts and zones move at different speeds and directions, so predicting what will be in our field of view was challenging. We will schedule the images so that we should see our winners, but we will be as curious as you to see if we actually capture them!

Candidate Points of Interest

Voting has closed for this round. View results in the Candidates list below. Be sure to keep an eye on the Processing Gallery for images of POIs/Campaigns selected during this round of voting taken by the JunoCam!
Cylindrical map generated from data submitted via the JunoCam Planning section.

Round Discussion

General discussion about this round.


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  2. comment by PhilipTerryGraham on 2016-12-05 08:41 UT

    Shout-out to everybody from the r/junomission subreddit that voted! :D

  3. comment by Candy on 2016-12-02 19:47 UT

    In the future, if you are wishing for a particular location, please make sure we have a POI in that spot!