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PJ20 Encounter

CLOSED : 2019-05-30 00:00:00
Perijove on : 2019-05-29 09:24 UT
About This Round
The tail petal of Juno's elliptical orbit is moving into the midnight sector, which means that at apojove the spacecraft is on the night side of Jupiter. At perijove the spacecraft groundtrack is closer to the subsolar point than in previous passes. When gravity science is the primary goal (most passes) the solar arrays remain pointed at the sun throughout the perijove pass. For PJ20 however we have chosen to re-orient the spacecraft such that the view for the remote sensing instruments is closer to the groundtrack.
Winner Selection
Jupiter is not in JunoCam's field of view until just 3 hours before closest approach, and when it comes into view we are looking at the dark side, so we begin with a lightning search. At 40 min before perijove we will start taking images of the north polar region. Because the off-sun orientation is good for images throughout the perijove pass we focus our resources on tight latitudinal spacing and include a campaign to study mesoscale waves in the equatorial zone. Outbound, after passing over the south pole, Juno is departing on the nightside so we will execute our first southern hemisphere lightning search.
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