Voting Round :

PJ5 Encounter

CLOSED : 2017-03-20 16:00:00
Perijove on : 2017-03-27 08:53 UT
About This Round
The entire perijove pass from the north pole to the south pole will be open for voting. We will however set aside a larger portion of the data volume for polar time lapse sequences to see the circumpolar cyclones rotate.
Perijove Predict Map
About Perijove Predict Maps

Every perijove pass we have the challenge of predicting where Points of Interest will be as the different zones of the planet have different wind velocities. This map shows our effort to rotate the latitudinal zones with their different wind speeds to predict what will be under the Juno groundtrack.

Winner Selection
Once again you have selected our targets! We will be able to image 9 Points of Interest in the priority set by your votes.

We started the process of generating image commands as soon as the voting closed. We looked first at the predictions of what time an image would need to be taken to get a particular POI. We have constraints on how closely together we can take images, because an image must be moved from the camera to the spacecraft computer before we take the next one. That means if targets are closer together in time than 90 sec we combined them. We took the time that corresponded to the higher priority target, but we will get the other POI's in the image.

We then started planning images in priority order until we used up all the available data volume.

The list of POI’s we will image in order of the votes they received is as follows, with the “+” indicating targets we combined:

Double SEB
Trevmation’s Dark Spot
The Big Red Stripe
String of Pearls + Between the Pearls + An Interesting Band Point
STB Spectre + The White Solid

We are also picking up Covenant 151016 as part of the polar timelapse sequence.

These images will be available after we get "C kernels" which is a file with the spacecraft orientation as a function of time. This data is necessary for us to process the data before we put it on the website. It takes two days for us to get that data from the navigation team. Perijove is on Monday, March 27, so we expect to start posting the images on Wednesday, March 29.

Candidate Points of Interest

Voting has closed for this round. View results in the Candidates list below. Be sure to keep an eye on the Processing Gallery for images of POIs/Campaigns selected during this round of voting taken by the JunoCam!
Cylindrical map generated from data submitted via the JunoCam Planning section.

Round Discussion

General discussion about this round.


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  1. comment by Puertollano-32 on 2017-03-30 15:10 UT


  2. comment by Altamira-46 on 2017-03-23 23:44 UT

    So sad, I will not see any Banding Boundary ! My dream will not come true... Perhaps next time...Good luck!

  3. comment by PrimevalRex on 2017-03-21 19:35 UT

    My top three POIs were selected, that´s what I call one lucky round! Now all we can do is wait for the data from our small friend out there..

    Thank you for giving us the chance to play a small role in this whole mission!