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PJ10 Encounter

CLOSED : 2017-12-16 00:00:01
Perijove on : 2017-12-16 17:58 UT
About This Round
The orbit of Juno around Jupiter is evolving. As Jupiter moves in its orbit around the sun, Juno's orbit is rotating more and more to the nightside of the planet. We need to keep the solar arrays pointed at the sun for our solar-powered spacecraft and that means that Jupiter is in the JunoCam field of view for less time and is offset from the boresight near closest approach. As a result it is getting more difficult to predict which Points of Interest will be in the images.
In addition, JunoCam has been assigned more onboard storage space. This means that there are fewer decisions to be made about prioritizing the images to be taken.
Winner Selection
Because the lighting and viewing geometry is still good on this pass, we've planned a perijove pass that has more uniform latitudinal spacing of the images. This will enable production of smoother movies as Juno flies from the north pole to the south pole on December 16. We are also reducing the amount of compression for the closest images to minimize compression artifacts.
We are planning time-lapse sequences of both polar regions to see the rotation of the circumpolar cyclones.
Voting has closed for this round. Winners are still being selected by the Mission Juno Team. Please Check back soon!

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  1. comment by Xavi on 2017-12-15 18:49 UT


    Only 1 day to vote? Why it is not possible to give more time?