2020-11-30 09:32 UT
CH4 data. Imaged Jupiter November 30th in reasonable seeing. Have good depth of resolved detail across the field. There is a considerable amount of fine detail resolved within the NPR including a dark thin linear feature near the pole and a v-small bright spot on the Southern edge of the NPR. Many compact dark spots are resolved in the NNTeB. These data well resolve the fine structure within the NEB including a compact bright near the Southern edge of the NEB and two of the very dark linear features also along the Southern edge of the NEB. A good depth of fine detail is seen within the EZ which still has a reddish colour. The turbulent region following the GRS is well resolved including a compact bright and compact dark spot immediately following it. Two small white ovals are resolved in the SSTeB.
Observed by
Isaac Newton-08
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