Voting Round :

PJ32 Encounter

CLOSED : 2021-02-21 00:00:00
Perijove on : 2021-02-21 17:40 UT
About This Round
This perijove pass we will do a comprehensive swath of Jupiter images from the north pole to the south pole. We also have a distant Io pass and we will use that to practice our imaging techniques for the Ganymede flyby in the newly-approved Juno extended mission.
Winner Selection
The latitude of perijove continues to move northward, which means that JunoCam image resolution is getting better and better at high northern latitudes. The slow departure over the southern hemisphere results in lower image resolution but we are able to study the dynamics of the atmosphere.


Voting has closed for this round. Winners are still being selected by the Mission Juno Team. Please Check back soon!

Jovian Moons

Images of Io, Europa, Ganymede or Callisto
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Storm Movies

Timelapse sequences to see clouds in motion
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Trying to capture a flash
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  1. comment by Joshuavo-01 on 2021-02-20 22:15 UT

    is the pj 32 pass already voted? if yes where i can vote on 33 pass?