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PJ35 Encounter

CLOSED : 2021-07-21 00:00:00
Perijove on : 2021-07-21 08:14 UT
About This Round
Inbound to Jupiter Juno will again cross the equatorial plane near Ganymede. This time the spacecraft will pass at a distance of ~50,000 km. JunoCam will take a series of images for coverage and to test various settings of Time-Delay-Integration.
After the Ganymede pass the Jupiter nightside lightning pass will begin. As the spacecraft passes over the north pole the PeriJove swath commences. Outbound departure images will fill in coverage of the south polar region.
Perijove Predict Map
About Perijove Predict Maps

Every perijove pass we have the challenge of predicting where Points of Interest will be as the different zones of the planet have different wind velocities. This map shows our effort to rotate the latitudinal zones with their different wind speeds to predict what will be under the Juno groundtrack.

Winner Selection
Images in the northern hemisphere are better resolution as the perijove point moves northward. The images of the southern hemisphere are lower resolution, but a longer timespan enables study of atmospheric dynamics.


Voting has closed for this round. Winners are still being selected by the Mission Juno Team. Please Check back soon!

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